TBOF Board Advisor - Dr. Jessica Rose
Dr. Jessica Rose

TBOF Board Advisor

Born in Ottawa Canada, Jessica completed her Masters in Immunology and was then invited to Israel where she completed her PHD in Computational Biology and completed 2 post doctorate degrees, the 1st in Molecular Biology and the 2nd in Biochemistry.

Dr. Rose has recently co-authored (with Dr. Peter McCullough) a peer reviewed & published paper reviewing VAERS data and adverse events with young ‘vaccinated’ people showing an especially high incidence of myocarditis (inflammation and scaring of the heart).

Dr. Rose concluded that a faxed person under the age of 20, had 19x the chance of being hospitalized from a heart related adverse event than an unvaccinated person being hospitalized from Covid.

The medical journal that published the important paper withdrew it, with no comment, days prior to the FDA panel approving the vaccine for young children.